Launa Linaker


Humans For Business, Business For Humans.

With one eye on the future of education, the other on - innovation, entrepreneurship and technology, experiential education is the heart of Ms. Linaker’s work at MacEwan University. Driven by a passion unnamed, Launa utilizes the institution as a platform to live her purpose, enabling students to become the best versions of them self, by creating opportunities for their learning, and through mentoring and coaching students. Launa believes strongly in, by students for students, and provides faculty support for several student led clubs. Her lived experience as an entrepreneur and management consultant, and as a student for many years while raising a family and a business, gives her perspective on the influences of teaching and learning. She earned a MBA from the University of Alberta, an Executive Coaching Post Graduate Certificate from Royal Roads and will resume her PhD in Secondary Education, Fall 2018, at the University of Alberta. Ms. Linaker keeps her pulse on the innovation & entrepreneur world through her mentoring role with Venture Mentoring Services at the University of Alberta and is active in building the innovation and entrepreneurial culture within MacEwan University.

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