Adam Prince & Richard Clark


StudentHire: under-qualified innovators can win the day

Adam Prince is a co-founder of StudentHire Corp., an Edmonton-based tech startup that provides financial and experiential opportunities to post-secondary students. He serves as chief of Business Development, with responsibility for sales and strategic partnerships. Until StudentHire is ready to pay his bills, Adam will continue to carve out a living via the ancient art form of door-to-door sales, where he finds satisfaction delivering value to customers in a straightforward, honest manner. In addition to his businesses activities, Adam is a (barely) full-time student at Macewan University, and a committed husband.

Richard Clark is co-founder/CEO of StudentHire Corp., a company that is revolutionizing how students self-fund their education. Richard has always had a passion for business: the summer after his first year of university, he started a landscaping company that generated six figures in revenue in its first year. The summer before that, he worked as a door-to-door security salesperson and finished the season in the top five per cent of rookie salespeople in Canada. Richard is also a husband and new father.

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